We are dedicated to the enrichment of our clients’ emotional lives and to their development as active, thriving members of the community. We believe that freeing people from their internal constraints -- and helping them develop the skills to improve their lives -- is at the center of helping them find greater passion, conviction, and fulfillment.

Our therapists work from a contemporary psychodynamic perspective, employing the context of the therapeutic relationship to explore the conscious and unconscious ways a person creates meaning, maintains his or her sense of self, and relates to others and to the world. Our work is supported by current research on human development, neurobiology, and communication and culture. Fundamental to this research is the centrality of relationships in growth, health, healing, play, and creativity. An attuned therapeutic relationship provides the growth experience that can lead to profound change in a person’s life. Within this partnership we are uniquely defined by our in-depth focus on the person, and while we draw on a range of clinical techniques, our guiding focus is on helping you to better articulate your difficulties so that these can be successfully addressed. Unlike traditional psychotherapy that emphasizes the past, our work attends to your current ways of living, working and loving, and to clearing a path for a more mindful, more fulfilled future.

Because of our emphasis on the client’s individual therapeutic needs, our practice is not based on a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we work closely with you to establish the therapeutic partnership that will work for you, and to achieve the right balance of supporting you while also challenging you to change. We believe that therapy should be a collaborative space in which the therapist is an active participant rather than a neutral observer. Our deep regard for others is the ethical foundation of our professional work; we are fundamentally committed to creating a productive space for reflection and introspection, where insight and new capacities can grow.


We are in-network for BCBS PPO.


In-depth, multifaceted, respectful psychotherapy that promotes growth and integration.